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MKV to MP4 Converterhelp and info

  • What is MKV To MP4 Converter?

    MKV To MP4 Converter is a piece of software that allows users to convert their MKV files to the MP4 video format. It is ideal for users who have playback issues with MKV or who wish to transfer video to a device that doesn’t support it.

  • Is MKV To MP4 Converter free?

    Yes, MKV To MP4 is a free program designed to convert two file types. It was developed by FreeStar and the free version doesn’t require a subscription or one-time purchase to download, install or use. It also isn’t ad-supported, so your application window isn’t obstructed when in use. The Pro version, however, does require payment and provides access to additional features and tools.

  • Is MKV To MP4 Converter safe?

    Yes, the application is safe to download and use. No additional malware or spyware that may harm your computer is included with the original download. The software also doesn’t retain a copy of your converted file, nor does it store it on a remote server or cloud storage, meaning it won’t fall into the wrong hands.

  • What operating systems is MKV To MP4 Converter available on?

    MKV To MP4 is available exclusively on the Microsoft Windows operating system and is supported on editions that span from Windows 98 to Windows 8. It is not supported on Mac OS X or macOS computers or laptops.

  • What file types can be converted with MKV To MP4 Converter?

    Unlike extensive video editing and converting tools, this application focuses solely on MKV to MP4 conversions. Is does not convert MKV into any other formats. It’s designed to create files that are playable on devices that support MP4.

  • How many files can I convert with MKV To MP4 Converter?

    Users can perform a number of single-file MKV to MP4 conversions. The software also has the ability to convert multiple files simultaneously with its batch conversion feature. This speeds up conversion times when converting a large number of files at the same time.

  • Is MKV To MP4 Converter legal?

    Yes, MKV To MP4 is legal to download and use. It is recommended, however, that the converted files do not contain any copyrighted material and are not shared with others. It’s a program that is intended for personal use with private files that don’t violate any user agreements.

  • Can I adjust video settings in MKV To MP4 Converter?

    Yes, video metrics and settings and be adjusted within the application. For the standard free version, the type of adjustments users can make are limited, while the Pro version offers additional editing tools and features.

  • Where can I download MKV To MP4 Converter?

    MKV To MP4 can be downloaded from the official FreeStar website or a reliable third-party website. Once the .exe application file is downloaded, users can follow the on-screen steps to complete the setup process.

  • Do I need a Wifi connection to use MKV To MP4 Converter?

    No, a Wifi connection is not needed to use the program. Once downloaded to your computer, it can be used offline and doesn’t require any information or files to be uploaded to the internet.